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     High Desert Plains, 2011, oil on linen, 48x108"
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Roger Winter's extraordinary, hauntingly beautiful paintingsof the mundane and unobtrusive pay close attention to subjects seen on the quick, in a glimpse. Yet all of the landscapes and portraits are rendered as if by virtue of a stare that never seems to end.

There is always a deep quiet in a Winter painting - a breath both held and released. His art is balanced between abstraction and realism, not because he moves from one to the other, but because he has found a space between the two.

His work has changed considerably as it has developed over the decades, demonstrating the artist's capacity for continuous self-criticism and awareness rarely matched by his contemporaries. Winter comprehends the nature of art at its most fundamental as a mutating, vibrant and evolving force.

Susie Kalil, 2012

Capturing the ineffableis not something painters of our age have been known for, but it is one of the abilities that sets Roger Winter apart from most of his peers. In his power to evoke a sense of place, Winter is almost without equal.

William B. Jordan, 2012

In a painting,alone in a landscape a figure is walking away, back to the viewer. I am hooked - I want to know who this person is and where the scene is taking place. It is all strangely familiar; a sense of reckoning becoming a realization that whoever it is in that nameless wherever, I face a similar journey. Such are the metaphysical powers of the artist Roger Winter.

Eileen Mislove based on a conversation with Marty Greenbaum

Winter paints age with grace and honesty,and without a touch of sentimentality. The faces he paints have seen years, but have a beauty and individuality that is undeniable.

Kent L. Boyer

I was lucky. I never found myself.

Max Ernst


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